Competing in the Specialty Pharmacy Market: 

Achieving Success in Value-Based Healthcare

Specialty Pharmacy Industry Report (shadow outline).pngDownload URAC's Industry Insight Report,  “Competing in the Specialty Pharmacy Market: Key Competencies for Performance in Value-Based Healthcare,” to discover the challenges and opportunities in the growing and evolving specialty pharmacy industry.

The report explores the evolving role of specialty pharmacists and their front-seat role in managing patient outcomes, which includes:

  • Working directly with patients to help improve patient adherence to drug therapies 
  • Measuring the effectiveness of their processes and tracking it over time to identify areas for improveament
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Adhering to clinical best practices
  • Pursuing accreditation by a third-party organization that regularly evaluates their ability to impact medication adherence and medication management.

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